TravelGee is an unique travel and lifestyle social network

Travelgee is all about connecting people.We target people who love to travel.People who has travel in their blood.We are in process of making World best social platform to connect and interact with travelers to their's passion of traveling.

Why we say we are unique?

In Travelgee we believe travel is all about connecting people around the world.We think every human live some level of travel.We all travel. And we are passionate about it.Our mission is to build a platform to build social network that is truly social.A platform truly connect people.

What you will have in Travelgee?

Many things.You will able to shear your travel thoughts,FInd new friends and connect with them.Upload Your travel photos and videos.FInd new locations for your next travel destination.Find hot deals and recommendations.Any many things for fun as well.

How to connect Travelgee staff?

We love to hear from you and we always will.Contact us via email

Travelgee Inc, Colombo , Sri Lanka.LK
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