Positioned in the Caribbean among the Leeward Islands, Anguilla has escaped mass tourism and overdevelopment. Anguilla provides an ideal and tranquil getaway for those travellers looking for an unspoilt and sun-soaked island destination. The island’s northeastern part boasts the most stunning beaches while snorkelling and diving enthusiasts will find good playgrounds here as well.

The Valley is the sole significant community on Anguilla and is a ramshackle but quaint town that houses a few pretty historic colonial buildings. Sandy Grove is where most tourists head to. This gorgeous beach is lined with dive shops, guest houses and restaurants. The picturesque bay is dotted with small boats and yachts. The huge salt pond inland draws a variety of birds.

Island Harbour is an idyllic old fishermen village where islanders go about their business undisturbed by visiting tourists. Anguilla boasts several mysterious caves while the Big Spring, positioned nearby, is worth exploring as well. The Fountain is a similar site, which formerly served as a place for worshipping the gods.

Aguilla represents an extensive range of lodging options that vary from hotel establishments to resort facilities and villas to condos. Being a popular travel destination for honeymooners, Aguilla offers romantic escapes as well. Visitors to this Caribbean island shouldn’t experience difficulties finding accommodation to suit their budget and needs.

Anguilla Wallblake International Airport is the island’s small aviation hub, located within a short distance of the Valley. The airport only receives flights from Antigua, St Martin, and St Kitts. However, connections to destinations throughout North America and Europe US are numerous from these airports. From St Martin’s Marigot Bay there’s a ferry crossing to Anguilla.