Argentina is the home of the tango, which is danced on the streets of its Latin Quarter to the delight of tourists. It is also a vast country with spectacular scenery, vibrant cities, amazing culture and nightlife, and great coastal destinations. From the wine regions in the north, to Patagonia’s dramatic peaks in the far south, Argentina has something to offer everyone.

Buenos Aires is a European city with beautiful sweeping avenues and tall colonial buildings lining its streets. It is also, despite its financial troubles, a highly metropolitan and modern city with great nightlife, world-class cuisine, and fantastic shopping. Visitors can stroll the elegant streets, gorge themselves on Argentina’s famous barbeques or take in one of the city’s excellent museums such as the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.

A major draw for tourists to Argentina is the unsurpassed Patagonia region, which is one of the most outstandingly beautiful places on earth. The stunning Parque Nacional Iguazú gives visitors a chance to experience the amazing wildlife and plant species that inhabit the region, as well as boasting the world famous Iguazú Falls. Activities in the park include canoeing, kayaking and other water sports. Patagonia also has some of the best skiing and ice sports in the world during the winter.

For beach life, look no further than Mar del Plato, a consistently popular beach resort destination for both Buenos Aires glitterati and the average family on vacation. Visitors can take their pick of high-end villas or mid-range beach bungalows, depending on whatever suits their style or budget.

Argentina has excellent transport links to the rest of the continent of South America by air and bus. The main airport, Ezeiza Interntional Airport, is located about 45 minutes’ drive outside Buenos Aires.