Armenia overview

Armenia, a former republic of the Soviet Union, is a landlocked mountainous country. Partly located in Western Asia and Eastern Europe, it shares its borders with Turkey to the west, Azerbaijan to the east, Georgia to the north and Iran to the south.

Yerevan is Armenia’s capital city and is one of the world’s oldest cities. It was founded in 783 BC. It is an interesting city with plenty of museums, art galleries, restaurants and as a backdrop to the city, Noah’s Mt Ararat. Not to be missed are the Armenian Genocide Memorial and the National Art Gallery.

Monastery Valley

Monastery Valley, Armenia

There is much to see and do in Armenia. Visit the beautiful medieval churches hidden in the forests and canyons of the Lori region. Or hike around the mountain town of Dilijan looking for hidden monasteries. Goris is a picturesque town with lovely 19th-century architecture and many cave dwellings on the surrounding cliffs. Around Vavots Dzor, mountain paths lead you to many caves and hot mineral baths.

The best time to visit Armenia is spring and autumn. In the spring, the country is at its greenest, but during the autumn the flora is spectacular, particularly in the region surrounding Dilijan and Jermuk. The winters can be extremely cold.

Accommodation in Armenia

Accommodation to suit all budgets is available throughout Armenia from four-star hotels to friendly homestays. Bed and breakfasts are popular and affordable while American style hotels typically feature rooms at Western prices.

Airports in Armenia

The main gateway into Armenia is Zvartnots International Airport (EVN) in Yerevan. Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Czech Airlines, Lufthansa and Air France all offer direct flights from Europe. It is also possible to cross the border by land from the Bagratashen border in Georgia or the Meghri border in Iran.