Bangladesh overview

Although Bangladesh is a poor, developing country by international standards, it is vastly rich in national pride, cultural appeal, and alluring attractions. Located upon two major river deltas, the Ganges River and the Brahmaputra River, the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh was born into a tumultuous chapter of South Asia’s chaotic history. Nevertheless, the nation has persevered to develop into a captivating tourist destination boasting natural beauty, sacred religious sites, and stunning historical treasures.

The capital city, Dhaka, is home to seven million people, and is the largest city in Bangladesh. There are a plethora of things to see and do in this surreal but captivating city. Ride through the lively streets on a rickshaw, or visit the Liberation War Museum and experience first-hand some of the atrocities that occurred during dark periods in Bengal history. For cultural and historical enthusiasts, a must-see is the National Museum.

Takerghat Bazar, Bangladesh

Takerghat Bazar, Bangladesh

Away from the bustling mayhem of Dhaka lies some of the world’s most alluring natural resources. Take a boat ride upon the Sangu River and maybe even spot a Bengal tiger in its undisturbed habitat. Or, visit one of the many national parks dotting the countryside such as Madhupur and Satchari, which are homes to a diverse range of native South Asian animals.

Bangladesh is predominantly Muslim, but does have a rich Buddhist history. The nation possesses some of the world’s most fascinating and breathtaking mosques and temples which appeal to thousands of tourists a year. Some of the religious places of interest include the Somapura Mahavihara in Paharpur, the Sixty Dome Mosque of Bagerhat, and the Baitul Mukarram, Bangladesh’s national mosque in Dhaka.

Accommodation in Bangladesh

Accommodation in Bangladesh ranges from small, very basic sleeper hotel room, to comfortable and nicer hotel, with amenities included. Bangladesh is an extremely cheap country by comparison with other nations therefore travelers looking to experience an unforgettable escape on a shoestring budget will be impressed with what Bangladesh provides.

Airport in Bangladesh

Visitors traveling to Bangladesh by air will be able to fly into Chittagong, Dhaka, or Sylhet international airports. Biman is the main carrier in Bangladesh; however, the newer GMG Airlines is a safer and more efficient option for flight choices. Domestic air travel is available for venturing out within Bangladesh, but buses and trains are also a cheap and popular means of travel although quite crowded at times.