Often regarded as ‘little England’, Barbados certainly has evidence of its English Colonial past. Barbados has numerous beaches and many sightseeing opportunities. This beautiful island has much to offer and has a good variety of attractions.

The western coast of Barbados has numerous coral beaches of fine white sand; snorkelling and scuba diving in the clear blue sea is fantastic. Brandons, Battsrock, Good Shepherd Beach and Paynes Bay are all popular beaches.

The capital, Bridgetown, is still worthy of a visit and has some great attractions. This waterfront destination of many cruise ships is busy and has many duty-free and retail shops. The statue of Admiral Lord Nelson (built in 1813) stands in Trafalgar Square, emulating the original London landmark. Beautiful stained glass Victorian public buildings line the square. St Michael’s Cathedral lies to the east and was built in 1655. Synagogue Lane houses some of the oldest synagogues in the Western hemisphere.

Barbados Museum, located in a former prison, is in the parish of St Michael and has an extensive range of artefacts. St Anna Fort, a red building with a clock house, was a British garrison and is located near by. The island’s quiet interior has many parishes such as St Thomas and St George, which are not on the main tourist route and can be visited by car or on foot.

There is great selection of accommodation available. Hotels, resorts and guesthouses offer an amazing selection with facilities and prices to suit your budget. There is a good variety of restaurants, bars and nightlife.

Barbados is very well-connected to many countries and the list of airlines that fly direct to the island is impressive. The main airport in Barbados is Grantley Adams International Airport, also known as Barbados International Airport. Airlines that serve Barbados include British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines and several other international and Caribbean airlines. There are also numbers of ports with a good choice of services in Barbados.