Despite its history of civil war, Bosnia in southeastern Europe is a country that is extremely beautiful, with a variety of scenery, culture and amazing people. The capital, Sarajevo, is located in a mountainous region and the views are stunning. The mountains give those who enjoy skiing a chance to experience top ski slopes on the Jahorina or Bjelasnica mountains.

Sarajevo is a charming city. The scenery is perfect for sampling one of the many cafés, while walking though the city will leave you in awe. The oriental Ottoman quarters are an example of the rich cultural past and definitely worth a visit. The Adriatic Sea coast is perfect for relaxing with friends or family at this friendly beach area. Neum is the main resort town and you will not be disappointed with the clean dazzling sea and sandy beach.

Kozograd, Fojnica is a fortress located on Zec Mountain. Dating back to the 15th century the building and views are stunning. Kresevo has a glimpse of the past, showing traditional Bosnian architecture. The Franciscan monastery offers a glimpse of Catholic tradition. There is a museum and gallery for learning about Bosnia’s rich history.

Mostar was famous for the Old Bridge known as the Star. This bridge is a symbol of the country and this where Bosnia’s heart lies. Rebuilt over the Neretva River after the recent conflict, it is a stunning stone bridge. Mostar is a beautiful town that should be enjoyed, while Foca and Gorazde are cultural hubs on the Drina River. Sutjeska National Park, Mount Maglic and the Tara River are found here. The Vjetrenica cave complex near Ravno is a fascinating cave system that should be viewed. The medieval Orthodox monastery is also not to be missed.

Bosnia has a huge variety of accommodation to help you enjoy your stay. Older hotels from the socialist era have been renovated and provide well-priced rooms. Modern hotels are more expensive but are abundant in the larger cities. Another option is bed and breakfasts run by families who will help you plan your trip. They will invite you often enough to try fine Bosnian cuisine over a drink or two.

You can travel to Bosnia by air and the biggest airport is Sarajevo International Airport, but you can also fly to Mostar Airport and Banja Luka International Airport. Many flights from London arrive in Mostar Airport. You can catch a train from Croatia or Budapest, with the trip taking from 9 to 12 hours. If you want to enjoy splendid views, buses run to Bosnia from Amsterdam, Berlin or Vienna.