The British Virgin Islands are a collection of islands in the Caribbean Sea. There are four major islands – Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost van Dyke and Anegada. The islands form a beautiful country with stunning scenery, numerous national parks, fantastic beaches and amazing dive locations.

The island of Tortola has powdery white beaches, lush scenic mountains and sheltered harbours filled with yachts. There are numerous beautiful beaches; some worth a mention are Brewer’s Bay for its snorkelling and diving and Apple Bay for its surfing. Virgin Gorda is a dramatically shaped island that reminded Christopher Columbus of a fat virgin, hence the name.

The island of Jost Van Dyke has a very small population, with fewer than 200 inhabitants. The locals have a good reputation for being very friendly and welcoming. Anegada is the only coral island. There are many festivals on the British Virgin Islands and they give a great insight into the country’s culture and heritage.

There are numerous national parks on the British Virgin Islands, all offering spectacular scenery and wildlife. There is an amazing Marine National Park with the wreck of the Rhone as its star attraction. The ship was sunk in a hurricane in 1867 and now is a stunning dive site. Cam Bay National Park, Dead Chest National Park And Devil’s Bay National Park are just a short list of the many stunning parks to visit and explore.

There is a huge selection of hotels, cottages, apartments, guesthouses and resorts in the British Virgin Islands. They are situated throughout the islands and offer accommodation on the coast, in towns or in the mountains. Price ranges are varied from the affordable to the opulent. There is a fantastic array of cuisine and restaurants available.

There are no direct flights to the British Virgin Islands. Terrence B Lettsome Airport (EIS) receives flights from several Caribbean countries as well as servicing internal flights. Main connecting flights are served from Puerto Rico and Antigua. There are several ports where it is possible to gain access to the islands.