Burkina Faso may be among the world’s poorest countries, but this landlocked West African nation is also one of the continent’s friendliest and most stable tourist destinations. From wildlife safaris to unusual rock formations to lush green countryside, Burkina Faso is ideal for anyone seeking a safe and unforgettable visit to Africa.

Burkina Faso’s capital, Ouagadougou, is a friendly and upbeat city filled with lively nightlife and fascinating activities. The Bangre-Weoogo urban park, considered a sacred forest, is filled with scenic hiking trails and contains a small zoo where visitors can see crocodiles swimming in a marsh. The unique 15- minute Moro Naaba ceremony which takes place every Friday morning at 07:15 symbolises an historic event dating back to when Ouagadougou was the centre of the once mighty Mossi empire. Village Artisanale of Ouagadougou and Gonghin Market are just two among many Ouagadougou outdoor markets filled with unique souvenirs.

Bobo-Dioulasso is Burkina Faso’s second largest city, and many believe it’s even friendlier and livelier than Ouagadougou. Some of Bobo-Dioulasso’s most recommended attractions include the Centre Culturel Française, the Place de la Nation Museum, and the Grande Mosque. The Grande Marché is just the biggest of the many markets found throughout Bobo-Dioulasso, where prices are generally cheaper than Ouagadougou. Burkina Faso’s largest attraction outside its major cities is the Parc National des Deux Balés, located near the southern town of Boromo and home to many roaming elephants.

Burkina Faso’s accommodation ranges from four-star luxury hotels to budget hostels. Most quality Burkina Faso hotels are located in Ouagadougou, while those staying in Bobo-Dioulasso may receive an invitation to spend nights at the homes of friendly locals.

Burkina Faso’s international airport, Ouagadougou Airport, receives daily flights from Paris, Brussels, Abidjan, Casablanca, and Dakar. Visas are required to enter Burkina Faso, and should be obtained well in advance. Proof of vaccination against yellow fever is also required from those entering Burkina Faso from other African countries.