Canada is the world’s second largest country with a vastly diverse landscape, from the magnificent Rocky Mountains of British Columbia to the Great Plains in the heart of Canada and the stunning Great Lakes of the southeast. Canada also boasts many world class cosmopolitan cities, such as Toronto, Montreal and of course, the country’s capital, Ottawa.

Ottawa is a lively city packed with excellent national museums and many theatres and art galleries. There are several parks and gardens to relax in, as well as a wide choice of cafés, bars and restaurants. Many visitors start their tour of Canada in Toronto, which is located on Lake Ontario and boasts the lofty CN Tower – a great place to start your trip and just a 90–minute drive away from the mighty Niagara Falls.

There’s so much to see and do in Canada. British Columbia on the west coast is a beautiful province to visit. Here you can explore Vancouver and Vancouver Island or try skiing at the popular ski resorts of Whistler/Blackcomb. Or visit Quebec, an old walled city and now a UNESCO World Heritage site with its distinctly French style.

Newfoundland has a long rugged coastline with small picturesque villages. St John’s is the oldest city in North America and you can see amazing views from Signal Hill. For hikers, Labrador is also great for exploring, as is the outstanding Gros Morne National Park.

It’s easy for the visitor to explore Canada with its incredibly efficient roadways and highways, intercity buses and public transit systems. Flights are available to and from all key cities in Canada, primarily Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, from all major gateways in Europe and the USA.

There is accommodation to suit all budgets in Canada from deluxe hotels and motels to guest houses and hostels. For a room in the city, expect to pay handsomely but there are plenty of cheaper options outside of central areas such as bed and breakfasts and hostels.