Off the eastern coast of Africa there lies and island nation right in the Indian Ocean. This nation is Comoros. It is just north of the Mozambique Channel, right between the north end of Madagascar and the northeastern part of Mozambique. Comoros is close to neighbours Mozambique, Madagascar, Seychelles and Tanzania.

Comoros is one of the smallest nations in Africa. It is only 720 square miles. Its population is 798,000 people. The name ‘Comoros’ is devised from the Arabic word for ‘moon’. The country is made up of four small islands. They are called Mwali, Nzwani, Mahore and Ngazidja. There are also a handful of much smaller un-inhabited islands. The island does not put a focus on tourism, so it maintains an un-touched quality.

Comoros has a few nice hotels that get some tourist traffic in certain seasons. Most tourists come to Comoros to explore beautiful beaches, islands and wildlife in an environment that is not full of tourists. Comoros offers a unique island experience as opposed to a superficial resort experience.

Moroni is the capital of Comoros. It sits on the west coast of Grande Comore. From the capital it is a short journey to Karthala Volcano. The capital is also close to Coelocanth Marine Park. Iconi is also an interesting spot and where island women once leapt to their deaths to escape pirates.

Most people fly to and from Comoros as the land borders can be somewhat dangerous. Most hotels in Comoros are three or four stars. There is at least one hotel on each of the four main islands, with a few of the smaller islands having small hideaway resorts and several reasonably sized hotels on the island of Mayotte. Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport in Moroni is the main gateway to Comoros but regular ferries run to mainland Africa and nearby islands like Madagascar.