El Salvador is a tiny country with a great deal to offer. As the smallest and most populous nation on the American continent, it makes up for what it lacks in size with its personality. Visitors can discover fine colonial architecture, world-class hiking, great museums, beautiful beaches and some of the best surfing in Central America.

The capital of El Salvador, San Salvador, is a vibrant city with rich heritage and culture to be explored. Tourists can view the beautiful Metropolitana Cathedral, unearth fascinating Mayan history at the Joya de Ceres archaeological site, or take in some of the city’s violent history at the military museum. For the more adventurous, Devil’s Door Peak is located to the southwest of the city and has some great hiking and climbing.

El Salvador’s beaches are becoming more and more popular as tourist attractions and are renowned as surf destinations. Some of the best waves in Central America can be found at La Libertad, Garita Palmera and El Zonte.

El Salvador has a lively volcanic history too, and visitors can take a trip to Santa Ana, El Salvador’s tallest volcano, or the San Miguel volcano as well as many others. The natural beauty of El Salvador can also be seen in the country’s national parks; Montecristo National Park is a highlight and offers an incredible display of the country’s diverse flora and fauna as well as great hiking.

The war-torn history of El Salvador (which has been peaceful since 1992) can be explored more thoroughly from Perquin, the guerrilla capital of El Salvador, where the Museum of the Revolution is located and many local people can provide first-hand experience of the war.

Large numbers of tourists and surfers alike fly into Comalapa International Airport, 50kms southeast of San Salvador.