Equatorial Guinea is a central African country on the Atlantic Ocean. The former Spanish colony features several offshore islands, namely: Bioko Island, Annobón Island, Corisco, Elobey Grande and Elobey Chico. In spite of its name, no part of Equatorial Guinea is situated on the Equator. Due to its proximity to the Equator, the country receives a lot of rain.

Bioko, containing the country’s capital Malabo, is nearer to Cameroon than to the country’s mainland area. Bioko has a rugged coastline with several beaches and a mountainous interior that features dormant volcanoes. One of Bioko’s more popular beaches is Arena Blanca near the town of Luba. Malabo still has many Spanish colonial buildings standing, which add to the city’s charm. Buildings of note in Malabo are Malabo Cathedral and Malabo Government Building.

Equatorial Guinea’s other main attraction is Monte Alen National Park, which is located on the mainland and contains myriad animal species. Bata, on mainland Equatorial Guinea, is the country’s second city. Ferries to Malabo sail from its port. Bata is renowned for its beaches, markets and nightlife.

Malabo features several luxury hotels which range in price from expensive to out of most visitors’ range. Accommodation in the rest of Equatorial Guinea is less luxurious. Bata features several mid-range hotels. Equatorial Guinea is one of the safer African countries to visit but visitors should exercise a certain amount of caution.

International travellers to the country arrive at Malabo International Airport. There are domestic services to Bata Airport. Equatorial Guinea has no railway services and most of its roads are unpaved. In the rainy season a lot of the roads are impassable. Ferry is the best option for travelling from the mainland to the islands, or between the islands. There are regular ferry services between Bata and Malabo.