Situated in northeast Africa is Eritrea. Eritrea shares its borders with Sudan, Ethiopia and Djibouti. There is a coast on the Red Sea and several of the Hanish Islands are part of the country’s territory. The capital is not considered safe due to some tension with neighbouring countries.

The capital of Asmara features a great selection of coffee shops serving drinks made using Italian coffee machines, American style pizzerias, tantalizing pastry shops and a relaxed pace of life. It also has some fantastic Italian style architecture. The climate is quite balmy, bathing Asmara in sunshine for eight months each year.

The Hanish Islands have not yet become popular attractions, but tourist authorities are hopeful. Despite this, they offer a laid back and enjoyable environment with good swimming and snorkelling. There are a few good restaurants and hotels and good weather for most of the year.

The Dahlak Archipelago is located in Eritrea as well. These islands here are in the Red Sea. There are two big islands and 124 small ones. Only four of the islands have people living on them. The largest is Dahlak Kebir.

Eritrea’s airport is called Asmara International Airport. It has a very small runway and small terminal, allowing it to only service small planes. Most routes offered here are to and from other African destinations, but there are a few direct flights with Rome and Milan.

Eritrea has a few high-end five-star hotels, several mid-range hotels and some charming rustic accommodation on its beaches and in its rural regions.