The European Union is made up of 27 democratic countries, with several more awaiting acceptance. As you would expect with so many countries, the range and diversity of what is available to see and do is vast. Here you will discover historic city centres and buildings, nature reserves, parks and gardens, culture and entertainment, and just about anything else you might want from a holiday or short break.

With countries like the United Kingdom, France and Greece, the European Union is awash with world famous cities including destinations like London, Paris and Athens, where you can soak up history, enjoy fine wine and cuisine, and take in some of the world’s best scenery.

If you are planning to visit the European Union you might want to include on your itinerary one of the 20 award winning European Destinations of Excellence. These are less traditional tourist spots and include locations such as the unspoilt Sierra de las Nieves in Spain; Rezekne in Latvia, where you will find superb pottery; the Styrian volcano land located in Austria; and the Jura region of France, home of some excellent wines. The choice is endless but with a little planning a trip to the European Union will be memorable.

Finding somewhere to stay anywhere in the European Union is simple, with a hotel selection to satisfy everyone. Millionaires can enjoy the luxury of the finest hotel accommodation to be found anywhere in the world. Backpackers will equally find that they are catered for with a fine selection of hostel accommodation.

The European Union has hundreds of international air and sea ports, making getting here and away easy. The busiest airport is London’s Heathrow Airport. You can drive through most countries and border crossings are made easy as long as you have your passport and a visa where applicable. Trains and buses link major cities and rail and road networks make touring simple.