The Faroe Islands are located to the northwest of Scotland, about halfway between Norway and Iceland. This archipelago is made up of 18 islands, the biggest being Streymoy, and all but one are inhabited. In the Faroe Islands you will find dramatic scenery, towering mountains, pretty waterfalls, rugged green fjords, fishing villages and medieval churches.

Fishing is the main industry of the Faroe Islands, followed by tourism. The islands are an unspoilt paradise for nature lovers, fell-walkers and bird-watchers. The easiest way to see as much as possible is to hire a car. A series of road-tunnels make it simple to get to once remote places. The largest of the islands is Streymoy, where you will find the capital Tórshavn. The town centre here has a selection of bars and eateries providing excellent entertainment.

All of the islands have their own natural beauty and there are networks of footpaths that can be followed that take in much of the stunning scenery, cliffs and headlands. For a more spectacular view you could take a boat trip and visit the bird cliffs of Vestmanna, where you will be overwhelmed by the noise made by the birds nesting on the face of the cliff. Other sights worth a visit include Magnus Cathedral, the medieval church of St Olav and Bøsdalafossur, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Faroe Islands.

The choice of hotels in the Faroe Islands is limited and many visitors prefer to stay in the smaller guest houses, farmhouse bed and breakfast rooms and self catering facilities to be found scattered throughout the islands. Prices are reasonable and rooms generally of a good standard.

There is only one airport serving the Faroe Islands, Vága Floghavn, and this is located on the western island of Vágar. Flights are available from London Stansted and you can also fly here from Denmark, Norway and Iceland. Ferries are available from the same Scandinavian countries, Scotland and the Shetland Islands.