Fiji is pretty close to paradise on earth and boasts over 300 serene islands, which are scattered throughout the South Pacific Ocean. Eye-pleasing turquoise seas are coupled with white sandy beaches and a lot of people come here to enjoy snorkelling and diving in the midst of some of the world’s most treasured soft coral.

Fiji’s best known islands are Viti Levu and its smaller counterpart, Vanua Levu, with these two islands possessing nearly 95 per cent of the country’s total population and nearly 90 per cent of its landmass. Fiji’s capital, Suva, is the only urban area and visitors to the area enjoy the vibrant market and captivating museum there but also the pleasant beaches in Nadi.

If you have come for the water sports, you should be heading to Pacific Harbour and if splashing around isn’t your thing one of the best golf courses in the South Pacific can be played on here. If you really want to get off the beaten track, you can go adventuring and discover the remote villages near Navala and Bukaya and see first-hand just how fascinating the local people and their customs are.

There are plenty of accommodation options in Fiji whether you prefer luxury resorts, four-star hotels or more modest beach huts which are just a small stroll to the water. Nadi is the hub of tourism in Fiji and there are plenty of options here when it comes to accommodation and most of the hotels work in conjunction with companies offering trips and days out to all the attractions.

Despite it being quite a small country, Fiji is an important resting point for flights which operate between Australia/New Zealand and North America. If you are already in these areas, your flight to Nadi International Airport will be easy to book with a carrier like Qantas or Air New Zealand.