Guernsey and Alderney are two of the five Channel Islands, which are positioned just off the French coast. Officially these islands are Crown Dependencies, which means that in all respects they’re self-governing. Guernsey is the second largest island. It provides the most ideal base for discovering the other tinier islands. Alderney is the third biggest Channel Island.

In addition to providing a great base from which to further explore the other island destinations, Guernsey is also home to a collection of interesting museums, pretty beaches, historical buildings and a network of coastal trails. The Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery is perhaps the most fascinating attraction on the island. Hiking the cliffs of Guernsey reveals jaw-dropping scenery and charming crescents of beach.

France is only eight miles from Alderney and clearly visible from the island. During WWII, the Germans effectively transformed Alderney into a forced labour camp. From the 6,000 men that had to endure horrible conditions, hundreds perished. Sometimes eerie, but also lively and absolutely stunning, today Alderney is home to a close-knit but easy-going population – most evident in the many welcoming pubs.

St Peter Port is Guernsey’s picturesque capital. St Peter Port can be explored on foot via its narrow cobble-stoned streets. The town’s idyllic harbours are packed with different types of yachts. The best time to visit Alderney is during the first week of August, when the annual mayhem and carnival of Alderney Week takes place. St Anne is the capital of Alderney and in its centre visitors can find a brilliant, cathedral-like church. On Guernsey as well as on Alderney visitors will find sufficient accommodation options.

Guernsey Airport receives domestic flights from London, Bristol, Southampton, Bournemouth, Birmingham, Exeter, Manchester, Jersey and Alderney. International flights from St Brieuc and Dinard in France, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf in Germany and Rotterdam in The Netherlands arrive at Guernsey Airport as well. Alderney Airport (ACI Alderney) receives flights from Southampton and Guernsey. Another transport option to reach the islands is provided by several ferry operators.

From cosy family-run bed and breakfasts to the luxurious Braye Beach Hotel in Alderney, Guernsey has an excellent range of accommodation. Self-catering cottages are also popular on the island of Sark.