A small nation offering modern cities for visitors preferring to stay indoors as well as a glistening wonderland for the more adventurous and active travellers, Iceland is an enchanting country that is full of stunning landscapes featuring active volcanoes, glaciers, vast lava deserts, hot springs and geysers. Additionally, Iceland is bestowed with colourful folkloristic traditions and a rich history. Iceland is a highly appealing and rewarding travel destination even though expenses may be high for the budget-minded.

Reykjavik is the fascinating Icelandic capital and the city has rightfully become one of the most favoured holiday destinations in Europe. Reykjavík is a modern place but retains many attractions of an idyllic old town as well. Hallgrimskirkja church has a unique design that resembles a mountain of lava. Reykjavik’s downtown area offers an electrifying mixture of modern structures, wooden traditional buildings and a destination where visitors will find museums and galleries, mouth-watering local cuisine, glitzy entertainment establishments and interesting Icelandic culture.

Geysir houses the country’s greatest spouting hot springs, such as the renowned ‘Great Geysir’, which in the 14th century first began to erupt and is capable of shooting up to 80m. Iceland’s most appealing waterfall, Gullfoss, features cascades down more than 30m into a steep-sided canyon. Positioned in northeast Iceland, Mývatn is a must-see for every nature lover offering jaw-dropping views of volcanic features, while the country’s south-eastern part houses Vatnajökull, Europe’s biggest glacier.

Iceland has opened up drastically to tourists and today the country provides a pretty comprehensive visitor infrastructure. The capital city of Reykjavík in particular represents a wide and varied range of accommodation opportunities that cover numerous budgets, as well as outstanding restaurants, shops, trendy boutiques, café’s and a pulsating nightlife scene.

Getting to Iceland is also fairly trouble-free with Reykjavik’s Keflavik International Airport maintaining flight connections with numerous destinations across Europe as well as several North American cities. Also available are limited ferry services to Iceland departing from the Shetland Islands and Norway. BSI Travel is the main Icelandic bus company which operates frequent services to most localities as well.