Home to over one billion people, India is a destination chaotic in lifestyle, yet alluring in its ambience. Travellers from all over the world, with unique tastes and styles, flock to India’s shores to seek that ideal escape from the norm. The country radiates historical, cultural, and natural beauty and tourists can often become a little overwhelmed by the sights, sounds, and sometimes even smells of this South Asian nation. Whatever desires a tourist possesses will be satisfied and undoubtedly surpassed by India’s alluring attractions.

Unquestionably, the main attraction on everybody’s itinerary is the Taj Mahal. Built by the Emporer Shah Jahan in the 1600s, this phenomenal mausoleum still looks as picturesque today as the day its construction was completed. India also provides many other architectural and spiritual marvels for the captivated tourist. These include the Lake Palace and temples of Udaipur, and the monumental fort of Jaisalmer.

India also offers travellers the perfect beach getaway. Goa, located along the southwest coast of India, offers palm-fringed beaches, resort accommodation, and inland markets as well as a colonial Portuguese past. There are several other beachside destinations such as Puducherry (Pondicherry), where visitors can soak up the beachfront promenade of this charming, French-influenced township.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

For travellers seeking adventure, India has a plethora of enjoyable excursions to satisfy these cravings. Tour India’s most sophisticated, yet hectic city of Mumbai, or take a safari tour to Kanha National Park and experience the Asian jungle. Don’t forget, northern India is the stairway leading to the Himalayan plateau, which provides many opportunities for travellers to embark upon unforgettable hikes and mountain treks.

India can be considered a budget tourist’s delight, with its wide range of cheap accommodation. Travellers looking for comfort without luxury won’t need to spend much on a simple room. Hotels in larger cities are known to vary their prices in certain seasons and for special events. Luxury options are surprisingly sumptuous and include ancient palaces that have been converted into hotels.

India has four major international airports, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi. The main national carrier is Indian Air, which has international flights all over Asia, the Middle East and into Europe. An endless list of the world’s largest airlines also fly into India’s main airports on a daily basis.