Its people and landscapes are what attract most international tourists to Ireland and once they have reached the country, many are impressed by the wild coastlines, the green pristine and untouched countryside, dynamic cities, the ubiquitous bars and pubs, the amiable locals’ inspired talent for entertaining conversation, the pulsating cosmopolitan capital and the pleasurable laid-back way of life.

The Irish capital of Dublin is a fascinating city with a history that dates back more than 1,000 years. Dublin boasts wonderful historic buildings, such as the Customs House and Dublin Castle, which offer visual reminders of the city’s rich heritage. Dublin’s electrifying nightlife is legendary and ranks among Europe’s most enjoyable. In addition, the Irish capital boasts a modern and comprehensive tourist infrastructure that features quality lodging options and an efficient public transport network.

Connemara is one of rural Ireland’s most stunning parts, which is home to stark mountain ranges and soulful valleys, and territories of ancient moor land. Connemara’s coastline is dotted with white, sandy beaches and secluded coves. Having a unique ambience, Cork is Ireland’s second biggest city. The annual Jazz Festival that takes place in October is Cork’s major attraction. Galway is another appealing city, which is characterised by shops and atmospheric streets and has a thriving live music scene.

It shouldn’t be difficult for visitors in Ireland finding suitable and affordable accommodation. The largest concentration of hotels can be found in Dublin. However, throughout the country there are types of lodging establishments available that include bed and breakfasts, inns, farmhouses, campsites, guest houses and hostels.

Ireland boasts four international air hubs. Dublin International Airport is located on the east coast, Belfast International Airport in the North East, Cork Airport on the south coast, and situated on the west coast is Shannon Airport. Shannon Airport and Dublin Airport have frequent trans-Atlantic air connections as well as limited long-haul flights, with numerous of the flight services going via London.