Italy overview

Italy is considered by tourists to be one of Europe’s treasures and a popular choice in destination. Energetic and charming Italy has plenty to offer its visitors, including Venice’s romantic canals, Rome’s ancient historic landmarks, Florence’s Renaissance beauty and the fashion hub of Milan. In addition, visitors can get a nice tan on the sunny Amalfi coast or simply unwind along Tuscany’s undulating hinterlands.

The Italian capital city of Rome is one of the country’s top travel destinations, and attractions here feature the Temple of Antoninus and Faustina, the Arch of Septimus Severus, the House of the Vestals, the Temple of Saturn and the Colosseum. Florence, dominated by the spectacular Duomo, is a gorgeous Renaissance city and quite overwhelming as well.


Rightfully nicknamed ‘Europe’s fashion capital’, Milan is home to a range of trendy boutiques and is also Italy’s opera center. The stunning Cathedral is Milan’s historical center. Naples is another appealing city, which houses a variety of lively markets, atmospheric winding streets and ancient churches. Duomo is the city’s star attraction. Naples provides an ideal base from which where to explore the pretty Amalfi coast and visit the ancient city of Pompeii, located below Mount Vesuvius.

Italy accommodation

Being such an incredibly popular tourist destination, Italy boasts an extensive range of lodging. An endless variety of budgets and styles are available, though the tourist destinations might be overcrowded during high seasons and therefore it is always wise to pre-book your accommodation. The nightlife scene is most vibrant in the cosmopolitan cities where the entertainment venues remain open until the crack of dawn.

Italy airports

Most visitors to Italy arrive by air at Rome’s two main aviation hubs, Leonardo da Vinci International Airport (Fiumicino Airport) and Ciampino Airport, and at Milan’s Malpensa International Airport. However, all major cities in Italy have their own air hubs, numerous of which receive frequent flight services from all over Europe.