Kyrgyzstan overview

Kyrgyzstan in South Asia is a mountainous country, bordered by Uzbekistan to the west, China to the east, Tajikistan to the southwest and Kazakhstan to the north. The mountain range of Tian Shian covers 80 per cent of the country, with the remainder of the country made up of valleys and basins.

The Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek is backed by the Ala-Too mountain range, which makes it quite a stunning looking city. The city consists of marble-faced buildings lining wide boulevards with numerous Soviet-style buildings still standing, reminding you of the country’s communist past. Ala-Too Square, which commemorates the country’s 60th anniversary as a country, is a particular highlight in Bishkek.

Song-Kul, Kyrgyzstan

If you love trekking, camping and horse riding and like the unknown then Kyrgyzstan is the place for you. With mountain ranges galore, it’s just a matter of deciding which one you prefer the most. The Pamir Alay range and the Central Tian Shian are two of the best places trek, spend the nights under the stars with the local nomads and sample the national drink, fermented mare’s milk.

Kyrgyzstan is also home to the world’s second largest alpine lake in Lake Issyk-Köl.Here you can trek your way around the lake and up the hills, and with your local guide hunt for rabbits or other prey with a trained eagle. A similarly beautiful lake is Lake Song-Köl in Central Kyrgyzstan, where you will see the local farmers herding their flocks to graze during the summer.

Hotels in Kyrgyzstan

Obviously if you decide to take the camping and trekking type of trip then tents will be provided for your convenience; however. pack warm clothes as it tends to get cold at night. Hotels in Bishkek are mostly quite modestly priced, with a one luxury option in the Hyatt Regency. In Bishkek, the residents have a strong preference for Chinese food; however, in the mountains dishes are simpler, with mutton and horse the preferred meat.

Kyrgyzstan airport

Manas International Airport mainly serves other Central Asian countries; however, flights are also available from London and Moscow. There are two smaller airports in Kyrgyzstan which connect domestically. Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are both available by rail but services are limited. The best way to get around is by organising a package tour which includes transport.