Latvia overview

Latvia, the largest of the three Baltic States, is located between Estonia and Lithuania and is generally considered the region’s heart. Latvia is bestowed with breathtakingly beautiful scenery amid which majestic castles are dotted and stunningly wonderful valleys sit. This small country remains largely undiscovered by tourists and has a distinctly unspoilt ambience, providing an ideal destination for those holidaymakers looking for a peaceful, romantic or dreamy vacation.

Latvia’s appealing capital, Riga, offers a vibrant and modern scene. Due to Riga’s predominantly Russian population, slight ethnic tensions are experienced occasionally. The capital city is divided by the Daugava River and the old part of town (Vecriga) houses historical German buildings. The unique range of Art Nouveau, Gothic, Classical and Baroque architectural styles in Riga are truly impressive.

Riga, Latvia

Jurmala City features Latvia’s main leisure and health resort as well as a number of little coastal towns, which each have their own correspondingly sized resort facilities. The historic town of Kuldiga is home to an 18th-century granary, a 17th-century town hall and a 19th-century watermill. In addition, Kuldiga boasts an ancient fortress’ ruins, several churches and an interesting museum.

Accommodation in Latvia

The majority of Latvia’s four and five-star rated hotels are located in Riga. However, the capital represents a range of budget-friendly accommodation as well that range from small, family-run hotels to hostels and from guesthouses to friendly bed and breakfasts. The rural areas offer pleasant farm stays while many picturesque areas house campsites.

Airports in Latvia

Riga International Airport is where most tourists arrive and domestic flight service to Liepaja is available from here as well. Another popular transportation option is provided by ferries that depart from several other European ports. From Riga, rail services cover all of Latvia’s main cities and towns. Cheap transport by bus may be a better option for some than trains, but services are rather slow. Riga is served by a good network of trolleys and trams.