Although it may not be the first country that springs to mind when you think of possible holiday destinations, Lebanon is known as a hidden gem in the tourist industry and boasts an ancient history through its Roman ruins and old cities, while also providing world-renowned ski-resorts for sports lovers.

After a long civil war which threatened to tear the country apart, Lebanon is bouncing back in style and attracts travelers around the world who come to visit Beirut, the capital city reputed as the ‘Paris of the Middle East’. In this vibrant cosmopolitan hub, you can enjoy the sunset at Pigeon Rocks. The city of Bcharré is where many heads to enjoy Lebanon’s breathtaking scenery before arriving at the area’s popular Gibran Museum.

Resorts in Lebanon

Resorts in Lebanon

Tripoli is less than 100kms north of Beirut and is the country’s second-largest city and also its main port. Tripoli is more modern than Beirut but there are still examples of just how old it is with exhibits of famous Mamluk architecture found throughout the city. The famous attraction here is the Citadel of Tripoli but while in the area, a lot of tourists head off to Rabbit’s Island, which boasts an impressive nature reserve that is home to turtles and rare birds.

Accommodation in Lebanon

There are plenty of places to stay in Lebanon no matter where you are, although the best accommodation is found in either Beirut or Tripoli, where you can find luxury five-star hotel chains offering rooms with every conceivable facility.

Airports inLebanon

Due to the amount of Lebanese that have immigrated to Australia, Australian airlines such as Qantas have flights directly to Lebanon but you can also get to Beirut Rafik Hariri International Airport from London with BMI. Be warned that traveling around this region has to be well planned given the current political climate.