Lithuania overview

It is claimed by French geographers that Europe’s exact geographical centre is near the Lithuanian capital city of Vilnius. The proud nation of Latvia became independent in 1991, after being ruled for more than 45 years by the USSR. Freedom of expression in Latvia was once again allowed and as a result the artistic scene thrived to create some world-class pieces of art and the Lithuanian traditional way of live was once again practiced.

Surrounded by thick wooded hills and positioned in a breathtaking valley on the river’s banks, the historic capital of Vilnius was founded in 1323. Vilnius’ picturesque downtown area boasts a blend of old and new structures. The city’s Old Town is Europe’s largest and a UNESCO World Heritage site as well. Vilnius offers numerous sightseeing possibilities for every type of tourist.



Kaunas is also known as the ‘city of museums’ and home to the Devil Museum as well as a monument that was constructed as a tribute to the Nazi occupation’s victims. Several 11th-century castle remains and three theaters can be found in Kaunas as well. Dominating the Baltic coast of Lithuania, the Curonian Spit is an untouched 60-mile sandy stretch of pine forests and dunes, which houses wild boar, deer and elk.

Lithuania accommodation

Since Lithuania’s independence, Western-style hotel establishments have been built in the country. Renovation and modernization programs are in general concentrated in the capital, but there are other main towns that offer good tourist facilities as well. Visitors will find plenty of huge, first-class hotels in Lithuania together with internationally reputed chains.

Lithuania airports

Located about four miles south of the capital city, Vilnius International Airport is the chief Lithuanian air hub. The airport offers limited domestic flights, but cheap trains serve major cities. Covering nearly all villages and towns in Lithuania, buses operate more regular and provide faster transport than trains. The country’s urban areas provide public transportation options that include trolleybuses and buses, which usually operate from the early morning to late in the evening.