Along the Mozambique Channel is the country of Mayotte. It is near Madagascar and northern Mozambique. It is a small country. It is only 24 miles in length and has a width of 13 miles. Geographically, Mayotte is part of the Comoro Islands; however, politically is has been separate since the 1970s. Some refer to the territory as Mahore. This is the native name of the island. Main attractions are scuba diving, snorkelling and sailing.

There is rich soil and much vegetation on the island, which is encircled by coral reef. The reef protects the island from ships and protects fish habitats.

Dzaoudzi is the capital. There is a lot of French influence here and the city includes many charming French restaurants. There are also fishing and boating tours aimed towards French expats and tourists.

Mayotte is a French territory and this can be felt in the environment. There are many French expats owning homes here and French tourists are ample. French is the main language here, so it’s a great spot for French people searching for an African beach experience.

You will probably want to come to Mayotte via airplane. The main airport is called Dzaoudzi Pamandzi International Airport. Considering the tiny size of the island, the airport is reasonably large. It operates one route to and from Paris, but most routes go to a variety of African destinations.

There is very little in the way of cheap accommodation in Mayotte. There is a range of top quality small hotels and a few medium range resorts geared towards family holidays. There are also a number of villas and private residences for short- or long-term rent.