Mexico is an incredible holiday destination offering the visitor a wealth of natural, historical and culinary delights. Whether ancient ruins, beautiful beaches, exotic desert, volcanoes or rainforest are the order of the day, Mexico has them all.

Mexico City is a metropolis of vast proportions offering a contrasting tapestry of modern high-rises, glamorous nightlife and extreme poverty. Visitors will enjoy the fantastic museums and historic testaments to the city’s colonial and pre-colonial past, including the Zócalo in the centre of the city, site of the Templo Mayor and many other Aztec palace ruins. For relaxing genteel ambience, the Coyoacan and San Angel suburbs are charming, while for a more lively time the Zona Rosa area is the nightlife hub of the city.

The beaches of Mexico’s coast are legendary, and of the country’s 20 million visitors a year, many are destined to enjoy the sun in hotspots such as Acapulco and the Baja Peninsula, where there is also great surfing and whale watching. The Caribbean resorts are also spectacular, with visitors flocking to Cozumel and legendary party-central Cancún. In these resorts visitors can take advantage of world-class shopping, modern amenities, bars, nightlife and restaurants to rival those of any resort in the world.

Historic sites and monuments are another great attraction Mexico has to offer its visitors. San Cristóbal de las Casas, an old colonial town, offers tourists access to the incredible Mayan village ruins that surround it, while Palenque is famous for its amazing Mayan site with over 500 buildings providing a feast for visitors keen on archaeology.

The cuisine of Mexico is world-famous, and for many a fantastic stay in Mexico is enhanced by a little spice. Wherever visitors go in the country they will find a great selection of cheap and tasty local food, tacos and fajitas to name just two.

Accommodation is widespread in Mexico, with international chains in all the main cities and resorts. Rates for these hotels are comparable with US and European rates. Smaller motels and hotels are cheaper but not always safe or clean. Hostels are the cheapest option. Entry into Mexico is usually via one of its international airports such as Mexico City International Airport or via land border crossings with the US.