Moldova overview

Most famous for its native spirits and wines, Moldova is still suffering from devastation left behind after war but the country remains one of the region’s most picturesque destinations and much of its historical charm has been retained. Moldova is also one of Europe’s poorest nations. The country enjoys a generally enjoyable and mild climate, with cold winters and warm summers.

Destinations in Moldova

Chisinau Lake is one of Moldova’s main tourist destinations. Visitors head to the pretty lake for relaxation and to enjoy the gorgeous scenery, while others opt for exploring the wine-cellars and vineyards that can be found throughout Moldova. Other favoured features are the quaint historic town of Benderi; the vibrant open-air markets and the culturally interesting museums that dot Chisinau. Moldova may not be as popular as other destinations in Europe, but for travellers looking for a unique European place without the common crowds, Moldova is rewarding to explore, if only for its fruity wines.


The Moldovan capital, Chisinau, is home to a decent selection of theatres and concert venues where frequent live performances of local classical music take place. Recommended establishments include the Philharmonic Concert Hall for Moldovan folk and classical music, the Chekhov Drama Theatre for Russian performances and for Roman productions, the Eminescu Music and Drama Theatre.

Hotels in Moldova

The capital of Chisinau houses several small but first-class hotels that offer air-conditioned guest rooms and outstanding catering. The majority of these hotel establishments provide straightforward access to the downtown area and railway station. Lodging options in the surrounding urban centres range from low to mid-range. In the rural areas it may be difficult to find lodging of any kind.

Moldova airports

Chisinau International Airport (KIV) is positioned within less than nine miles from the downtown area. Buses and taxis provide regular transportation to the city centre. There are entry points by road from Romania and Ukraine as well, and train services linking Chisinau to Odessa, Moscow and Bucharest as well as minor voyages to St Petersburg and Minsk.