Morocco is a fascinating country, bursting with culture, history and an exotic natural beauty. Travellers swarm to experience the eastern charm of Morocco, with its vibrant markets, magnificent mosques, pristine beaches and deserted plains. Morocco’s cities have an electrifying atmosphere, however there is also a mellow side to the country, which is best experienced riding a camel through the Sahara desert.

Morocco’s cities are top of every traveller’s agenda. Marrakech is a colourful atmospheric city full of eastern aromas and festive energy. Once the capital, Marrakech boasts some remarkable architecture and picturesque town squares. The city’s main square is Jemäa El Fna, plays host to a band of street performers, who entertain the crowds with their wild antics and comical displays.

Casablanca is a crudely industrial city, although it has a few noteworthy sights including the Royal Palace, the old medina and Koutobia Mosque. On the opposite end of the scale, the ancient city of Fes is picture perfect. Fss been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site for being one of the oldest medieval cities in the world.

Tangier is a popular spot on the striking coast of Morocco, and provides a relaxing escape from the city. The tumbling hills roll down to beautiful beaches and the area offers stunning coastal vistas. The Moorish town of Essaouira also enjoys a coastal setting and its French, Portuguese and Berber architecture reveals a multi-cultural past.

Whatever your budget or requirements, you can find comfortable accommodation in Morocco. The cities offer a slightly wider range of styles and budget but the coastal areas also have a good selection and at a reasonable rate. Most visitors arrive at Menara International Airport, which is located four miles outside Marrakech and has regular flights to and from the UK.