Mozambique is one of Africa’s most enchanting little countries. It is among the three countries that share Limpopo Trans-Frontier Park, one of the largest and most diverse nature reserves in the world. While Mozambique’s capital of Maputo offers unique architecture and modern nightlife, the rural regions of Mozambique can be like stepping back in time to a simpler era.

North of Maputo, Inhambane Province is a region that, while cultured, also acts as a stunning beach paradise. Barra Beach is perfect for swimming and snorkelling. This pristine area is virtually barren, but Inhambane is rich with coral, coloured tropical fish and wildlife.

The amazing Limpopo Trans-Frontier Park is shared with Zimbabwe and South Africa.This park consists of lands that span more than 20,000 square miles. The park encompasses two mountain ranges and contains almost 150 different species of mammal, 500 species of bird and more than 2,000 species of vegetation. There are many options for comfortable places to stay in Limpopo Park.

The vibrant capital city of Maputo offers a plethora of atmospheric markets, laid-back sidewalk cafés and European architecture that dates back to its colonial past. Many of Maputo’s cultured, old buildings have been refurbished and make for an eclectic and distinctive atmosphere. Mozambique’s second largest city of Beira has its own unique traits and is located high in the mountains.

There are a few options for entering Mozambique overland, but most tourists tend to come via Maputo International Airport. You can fly to Mozambique from a number of major African cities such as Addis Ababa, Cape town and Nairobi. The only European city with a direct route to Mozambique is Lisbon.

Whether you are enjoying the simple, anthropological aspects of Mozambique’s rural regions or having a holiday on its beaches or in its cities, Mozambique offers many great places to stay. A number of charming colonial hotels sit along the coast and in Maputo, while accommodation in rural regions is simpler, but clean and equally charming.