Oman overview

At the mouth of the Persian Gulf lies Oman, a country known around the world for its friendly people, breathtaking landscapes and pristine examples of ancient architecture. Often overlooked by the average tourist, Oman can give you quite a surprise and is a good travel alternative to the more popular United Arab Emirates.

Muscat is Oman’s capital and it is a traditional yet charming place, which plays host to popular tourist attractions such as the Sultan’s main palace, the old city walls and the Jalali and Mirani forts that guard the city’s harbour entrance. Other popular spots which have tourists flocking to them in their thousands include the aquarium, the National Museum, the Oman Museum and the recently restored Mutra watchtower which, if climbed, offers breathtaking panoramic views of the capital.

Khasab Coastal Road, Al Khasab, Oman

It is safe to say that most of Oman’s tourist destinations are scattered up and down its coastline. Salalah in the south is where the ancient ruins of Zafar are found alongside popular beaches and Job’s Tomb. If you are in the centre of Oman at any point, visit the popular town of Sur, which delights all who visit it with its impressive Marine Museum, large forts and golden beaches.

Accommodation in Oman

The best accommodation in Oman is found in its largest cities meaning that if you want to stay in five-star luxury, it is best to head off to Muscat or Salalah. For dining out, this is where most of the best restaurants and charming little cafés can be found in the country.

Airports in Oman

Muscat International Airport has hundreds of flights coming to it everyday and they come directly from the capitals of European countries and other famous cities. Once you land at the airport, it’s easy to get into town as the shuttle bus outside the main terminal is frequent and reliable.