Palestine overview

Although it may not be the first name that springs to mind when planning a trip to the Middle East, Palestine is still an interesting place full of ancient history and some of the oldest buildings in the world. Although it is wise to remain cautious while in Palestine, those that can look beyond its current political turmoil will enjoy its historical wonders.

All the ancient biblical cities are located in Palestine and who has the right to these cities is a fact of major dispute between Palestinians and neighbouring Israelis. Bordering the West Bank, Jerusalem is full of history and its Old City area is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is a holy place for Jews, Muslims and Christians alike. As well as this, it has plenty of options for tourists and there are plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy once you’ve had a day seeing the sights.

Ramallah Checkpoint, Ramallah, Palestine

Ramallah Checkpoint, Ramallah, Palestine

Bethlehem is another popular city that lies within Palestine and is also an important and famous religious site for followers of numerous faiths. Once you have visited the famous Rachel’s Tomb, walk along Manger Street and into Manger Square, which is the city’s main centre home to the Church of the Nativity.

Hotels in Palestine

Although some would have you believe that Palestine has become run down to its political problems, there are numerous examples of luxury accommodation found throughout the country. Most of it is found in Jerusalem and the iconic King David Hotel is reputed as being the most lavish hotel in Israel. If you prefer staying at a Novotel, you can find international chains in Jerusalem.

Palestine Airports

It is impossible to fly directly into Palestine due to the current political climate in the region. Your best bet is to fly into Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport from mainland Europe or the US and then sort out your visa and papers to enter Palestine. Be aware that this process can take some time and you will be thoroughly checked and questioned by authorities as to your exact plans.