Reunion is a French settlement located in the wilderness of the Indian Ocean, just to east of the famous island of Madagascar. If you are hoping to get away from it all and enjoy one the world’s most coveted and secluded tourist destinations, Reunion provides endless options and is famed for its eye pleasing natural beauty.

Saint-Denis is the capital of Reunion and has impressive transport links while also boasting fine examples of classic French architecture which can be viewed by taking a walk through Jardin de L’Etat public gardens, which also have an impressive natural history museum. La Roche Ecrite lies just 15kms south of the capital and offers impressive views of the capital from its summit.

Reunion is famous for its volcanoes and the shield volcano Piton de la Fournaise has erupted over 100 times in the last four centuries. The slopes of Reunion’s volcanoes are decorated with abundant wildlife and forests which are thrilling to discover for the average hiker. If you appreciate the sea and its wildlife, the west of the island has numerous coral reef areas to be explored and enjoyed.

If you are planning on staying in Reunion, adequate accommodation can be easily organised, with quality ranging from modest two-star hotels to luxury rooms fit for a king. If you are staying at any of the tourist resorts, sea front location is also easy to obtain.

The only way to land on the idyllic island of Reunion is by flying into Roland Garros Airport, with major carriers offering direct flights from Europe and Africa. Alternatively, you could take a flight from Madagascar or a boat from Mauritius, and once you arrive in Reunion it is easy to get around the island by hire car or safe and reliable public transport.