Romania overview

Located in Eastern Europe, Romania is a wonderful and mysterious travel destination. The country features the world-famous Transylvania region and very affordable seaside resorts. Romania has become one of Eastern Europe’s most favored holiday destinations, boasting historical castles, a unique atmosphere, stunning and varied landscapes and superb winter sports opportunities.

Steeped in interesting and a sometimes cruel history, Bucharest is the Romanian capital and doesn’t really live up to the city’s former appeal, after being devastated by natural disasters, war and Ceausescu’s regime. However, much of Bucharest’s old city remained intact. Despite the enormous Palace of Parliament marring a huge area of the capital, brilliant monuments still remain, such as Ghencea Civil Cemetery and the Old Court Church.

Old Town, Bucharest, Romania

Positioned in the Transylvanian Alps’ heart within easy driving distance of Bucharest is Brasov. This historic city with its Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle) and Gothic Black Church is a Romanian urban highlight as well. Transylvania is home to many more fascinating medieval towns and villages as well as outstanding spa resorts. The Danube Delta offers excellent fishing options while the Black Sea coast’s beach resorts and the Carpathian ski resorts provide farther alternatives.

Romania accommodation

The finest lodging establishments in Romania can be found in the touristy destinations such as the Black Sea coast, which represents a wide range of resorts that offer excellent tourist facilities. Hotels in Bucharest range from budget to luxurious five-star rated establishments. Romania is also a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts and good campsites are available throughout the country.

Airports in Romania

Romania has more than 12 air hubs, nine of which receive international flight services. Located less than 10 miles from Bucharest, Otopeni International Airport (OTP) is Romania’s main aviation hub, with flights arriving from numerous international destinations either directly or with a sole change. Bucharest is just several hours away from significant European cities and Austrian Airlines operates non-stop flights to the US.