Despite its turbulent history in the latter half of the last century, Rwanda has since managed to thrive and is a remarkable place of interest for tourists. Known as ‘the Land of a Thousand Hills’, Rwanda possesses awe-inspiring natural beauty as well as hospitable cities which successfully blend a mix of cultures.

The capital of Kigali is where most of the action takes place and the city has earned a reputation as one of Africa’s most unique cities where foreigners are greeted with open arms. The Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre provides a valued history lesson and is a touching museum. On a lighter note, many visitors to Kigali enjoy visits to the Dancing Pots Craft Centre.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Rwanda has three large national parks which all exhibit fine examples of wildlife and Savannah-like terrain. Volcanoes National Park is hugely popular and is known as the home of the might mountain gorilla and spreads as far as neighbouring Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The best accommodation is found in the bustling capital city of Kigali and this is where known franchises such as Novotel provide four-star rooms. If you are visiting any of the national parks in Rwanda, reasonably priced accommodation can be found onsite and you are guaranteed a safe place to stay.

To reach Rwanda you must fly directly into Kigali International Airport, with flights offered directly from Brussels, South Africa, Ethiopia and Uganda. If you are travelling overland, you are encouraged to travel by bus from Tanzania, Burundi or the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A new train service was unveiled in 2009 and regularly runs between Rwanda and Tanzania.