Saint Lucia is situated in the eastern Caribbean Sea and is a part of the Lesser Antilles. The island is quite popular due to its year-round tropical weather, pristine beaches and highly accommodating resorts. Travellers seeking pleasure and stimulation from the exotic flock to St Lucia throughout the year.

Hiking, yachting, scuba diving and sailing are just a few activities that attract adventure seekers to St Lucia. For those visitors who really are not interested in lazing on the beach all day, the St Lucia Department of Forestry offers a number of nature trails suitable for all levels of fitness. Cactus Valley and Pigeon Island are excellent locations for those interest in spotting the local wildlife, flora and fauna.

For a taste of St Lucia’s culture, visit the Pigeon Island National Landmark as it contains huge amounts of the island’s history. Fort Charlotte is now a college but was once a battleground for French and British soldiers. For those into plantation tours, Fond Doux Estate and Morne Coubaril are both highly popular among tourists.

Whether you are on a honeymoon or an extravagant holiday, St Lucia has a variety of Caribbean style accommodation options to fit almost every occasion and need. From modest and quaint hotels to luxury villas and resorts, travellers are greeted with a broad range of services such as babysitting, in-house restaurants, swimming pools and air-conditioning.

If travelling to St Lucia from the US, American Airlines, US Airways, Delta and Jet Blue offer non-stop flights from cities such as Miami, Atlanta and San Juan to George FL Charles Airport and Hewanorra International Airport. From the UK, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic offer nonstop service from cities including Gatwick and Trinidad to St Lucia.