Saint-Pierre and Miquelon is where France meets North America. Saint-Pierre and Miquelon are situated south of Newfoundland in Canada and about 800 miles northeast from Boston, USA. The islands have a long history and are famous for their unspoilt wilderness and clean air.

Today both Saint-Pierre and Miquelon are modern, picturesque French towns. As you approach the harbour on Saint-Pierre, you will come across the islands most distinctive landmark, the Pointe aux Canons Lighthouse painted in bright red and white colours. Close to the lighthouse is the Pointe aux Canons Battery which was built on the site of an old fort, and nearby is the beautiful Saint-Pierre’s Cathedral.

Miquelon is a small town on the larger island of the same name with just 700 inhabitants. The town is proud of its history and heritage. Hundreds of Acadian families sought shelter here after the Arcadian deportation of 1755.

Both Saint-Pierre and Miquelon have beautiful nature trails and are great for hikers and birdwatchers. Apparently over 300 different species of birds have been spotted here. In Miquelon, you can also observe seals and wild horses as you walk among the sand dunes.

To reach Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, you can either fly to Saint Pierre from Halifax or Montreal in Canada or take a ferry from Fortune, Newfoundland. Note that the ferry does not accommodate cars, but there is plenty of parking at Fortune and the islands of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon are small enough to walk around; however, taxis are available.

For those interested in staying on the island, there are several small hotels and guest houses available, suitable for all budgets. The official currency on the islands is the euro but US and Canadian dollars are widely accepted.