San Marino overview

One of the smallest states in Europe, San Marino is blessed with a typically enjoyable Mediterranean climate experiencing warm summers and cool winters. The winter months can be chilly, with the possibility of snowfall. However, the temperatures normally stay between 5°C and 15°C. Summers in San Marino are warm and sunny, with average temperatures between 20°C and 30°C.

San Marino has many features to interest its visiting tourists. Most renowned for its ancient churches and ruins, it is easy to absorb some of San Marino’s history and culture. Architecture buffs, as well as art lovers, will find many fascinating attractions here, as the tiny republic is brimming with brilliant architectural styles and great pieces of art can be observed both in churches and museum.

Titan’s castle - San Marino

Titan’s castle – San Marino

The republic’s capital, San Marino Town, is perhaps the most appealing place for visitors. An old city wall encloses San Marino Town, which is positioned on a hill with three iconic towers dominating the place. Bordering the Apennines Mountains, Serravalle with a population of 10,000 is San Marino’s biggest town. The town of Domagagno surrounds San Marino’s highest point, Mount Titano, offering stunning vistas of the Adriatic coastline. The entire principality can be seen from here.

Hotels in San Marino

Hotels in San Marino are all of decent quality and there are regular special discounts offered to families and groups. San Marino’s hotel rating system is divided into four standards, from 1/A, that indicates first-class hotel establishments, to 1/B, slightly less luxurious venues, and two and three standards, which are affordably priced and suitable for budget-minded guests.

Airports in San Marino

Located about 17 miles away from San Marino, the Italian Frederico Fellini International Airport (RMI) in Rimini serves the principality. The airport provides connections to many cities throughout Europe including Zurich in Switzerland, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, London in England, Munich in Germany, Rome in Italy and Moscow in Russia. Reaching London by air from Rimini takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes.