Situated on the western bulge of the African continent, Senegal boasts stunning natural beauty and excellent beaches. The combination of welcoming locals, rich musical heritage and a stable political status is what makes Senegal one of the most rewarding travel destinations in Africa. However, this nation nevertheless remains rather unknown.

Dakar is Senegal’s capital city. This large, cosmopolitan metropolis has a vibrant ambience that represents the urban African of the future. The IFAN Museum is perhaps the city’s most favoured tourist attraction, with brilliant exhibitions of masks, musical instruments, carvings and farming tools from communities across West Africa. Built in 1906, the prestigious Palais Présidentiel is an interesting site as well, encompassing stunning gardens.

The Pink Lake is situated east of Dakar and contains abundant minerals, which in the sunlight transform the water’s surface into a shade of pink. This gorgeous lake provides a great playground for bird-watchers as well. Accessible from Dakar by ferry, Goree Island served originally as a main transit point for the slave trade. The island boasts plentiful historic and architecturally interesting buildings.

Senegal’s larger cities represent a full range of lodging options and in general, the country’s hotel establishments offer better standards of quality than others in this region. Budget travellers, don’t worry! Finding cheap accommodation in ordinary locations shouldn’t be difficult. Senegal offers mouth-watering cuisine as well, with many popular French influenced dishes.

Dakar International Airport provides Senegal’s principal gateway, with plenty of flights to European destinations in particular. There are several transport options for arriving by ferry from France, the Canary Islands, Spain, Morocco and some South American and other West African ports. The roads leading to Mauritania are good but the ones travelling to Guinea-Bissau aren’t. Rail services provide an ideal way of getting to or from Mali. There’s one daily train departing from Dakar to Bamako.