Regardless of ongoing social and political problems, Somalia possesses remarkable natural beauty offered through its beaches and natural parks. Although it is advised to keep your wits about you, Somalia can be enjoyed, and continues to be visited by, tourists from across the world.

The capital, Mogadishu, is a popular city with tourists and boasts remarkable architecture which is a direct result of its past colonisation by numerous European nations. For shoppers, Bakaara Market is a fun way to spend a few hours and almost any item can be found here from local handicrafts to clothing and ornaments. For those that like to relax, Mogadishu Beach boasts turquoise water and white sand.

Much safer and more tourist friendly that Mogadishu is the city of Hargeisa, which lies in the region of Somaliland. Hargeisa is home to a provincial museum and menagerie laden with leopards, lions and birds while just outside the city is Laas Gaal, an historic collection of caves and ruins which possess some of the oldest examples of African art known to man.

Although accommodation is available in Mogadishu, it is advised that foreign tourists to Somalia opt to stay in the safer and more welcoming city of Hargeisa. For the same price as a mid-range hotel in Europe you can find top of the range four-star accommodation.

Getting into Somalia can be achieved by flying into Aden-Adde International Airport in Mogadishu from Djibouti with Daallo Airlines or from Dubai or Jeddah with Jubba Airways. Flights are sometimes cancelled indefinitely due to the country’s on and off conflict with neighbouring Ethiopia.