Switzerland overview

Landlocked Switzerland is incredibly beautiful and clean. It’s famous for its breathtaking mountainous scenery, chocolate, and clockwork organizations. Away from the cities is a country filled with green meadows, blue lakes and snowcapped mountains, offering hiking trails and pristine nature reserves to the public.

Most people come to Switzerland to visit the Alps. The most stunning Alpine scenery is to be found in the Jungfrau region just south of Interlaken. Zermatt is a popular skiing resort offering incredible views of the Alp’s most well-known peak; the Matterhorn.

Alps, Switzerland

Alps, Switzerland

You shouldn’t miss Lucerne, an incredibly pretty city, surrounded by lakes, mountains, quaint alpine villages and meadows full of edelweiss. Visit Europe’s largest waterfall at Rhinefall. Or lose yourself in the narrow alleyways of the old town of Zurich. If you come in July, don’t miss Montreux for the Jazz Festival.

Accommodation in Switzerland

There is a wide choice of accommodation to choose from in Switzerland from luxury Alpine resorts to small intimate guesthouses. During the high season, it’s a good idea to book well in advance. Accommodation is not cheap and even in the most modest hotels, you should expect to pay steeply for a single room and even more for a double room.

Airports in Switzerland

There are direct flights to Zurich Airport and Geneva Cointrin Airport from most major airports worldwide. For visitors from Europe, it is possible to enter Switzerland by car, bus or train. High-speed trains connect Zurich and Geneva with most other major cities in Europe. The train network in Switzerland is fast and efficient. Travel passes offer big savings on all trains, boats and buses.