Togo overview

Positioned on Africa’s west coast, Togo has land boundaries with Burkina Faso to the north, to the east with Benin, and to the west with Ghana. The southern part of Togo, boasting a 31-mile coastline, borders the Gulf of Guinea. Togo has been marked by international organisations for its political turmoil and human rights abuses, especially during the 1990s. But with a new president gradually winning the Togolese population’s trust, it is a good time to explore tiny Togo.

Stretching from the north to the south, Togo boasts a highly variable landscape that includes central hills, gently rolling savannas in the north, southern plateaus, and low coastal plains with abundant majestic lagoons and marshes. Lome is Togo’s capital and one of West Africa’s most beautiful cities, which truly comes alive after sunset. Downtown Lome features many discotheques, bars and western-style dance clubs.

The beach in Togo

The beach in Togo

The 31-mile long coastline of Togo consists of flat sandy beaches that are densely vegetated with coconut trees. The coastline is partially separated from the mainland by a selection of lakes and lagoons that are several rivers’ former estuaries. All major towns in Togo are connected by a relatively cheap minibus network.

Togo accommodation

Lome is home to the best lodging establishments. Hotel Bellevue is perhaps the city’s most reputable establishment offering wireless internet, an outdoor swimming pool with waterfall, relaxed bar, outstanding restaurant and a charming ambience. The neighbourhood known as Kodjoviakope houses several popular bars, good restaurants and a number of quality hotel establishments.

Airports in Togo

Several major carriers operate regular flights to and from the international airport in Lome (Lomé-Tokoin Airport). However, it is often more expensive to fly directly to Togo than to fly to Ghana’s capital, Accra. Toga has a rail network but no public services. Almost everywhere you can find bush taxis, which are four-door vehicles with two passengers sharing the front and four in the back. Togo features an outstanding cheap network of minivans linking all the main towns.