Uganda overview

Uganda is arguably the highlight of East Africa and proudly shares its borders with Kenya, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania. Once fondly declared the ‘Pearl of Africa’ by the legendary Sir Winston Churchill, Uganda is a remarkable place where tourists can one day gaze at mountain gorillas in the Savannah and the next day relax in the vibrant city of Kampala.

Kampala is Uganda’s capital city and where most of the action is. It peacefully sits on the shores of Lake Victoria. Kampala is famous throughout the travel industry as a safe and friendly city and tourists come here to enjoy such attractions as the Kasubi tombs and Nommo Art Gallery, which together keep visitors returning in their thousands every year.

Lake Victoria, Uganda

Lake Victoria, Uganda

Northern Uganda is a beautiful area situated along the River Nile and there is a lot of wildlife to be observed between the town of Pakwach and the Sudanese border, with Bahr el Jebel providing regular safari trips around the area. The most famous spots for travellers are found in the southwest part of the country, with people often flocking to Jinja and the nearby Murchison Falls National Park.

Accommodation in Uganda

The best accommodation is in Kampala, with the Sheraton in the centre of town providing four-star rooms with all amenities. Ample accommodation is also provided at nearby popular spots as Murchison Falls.

Uganda airport

To arrive in Uganda, you must fly into Entebbe International Airport which can be easily reached by flying from London with British Airways. Alternatively, if you are already in Africa, flights can be arranged from Johannesburg. If you wish to travel by bus, there are regular lines between Nairobi, Kigali and Daa-es-Salaam.