Ukraine overview

Ukraine is in Eastern Europe. The two biggest reasons for visiting Ukraine are its stunning countryside and its rich history. More than 500 cities date back some 900 years and boast beautiful palaces, impressive monuments and archaeological sites.

Most visitors to Ukraine start their trip in the wonderful historical city of Kyiv. The city features many interesting historical, religious and architectural sites. Lviv, also known as the ‘City of Lions’, and Odessa, the ‘Pearl of the Black Sea’, are also great places to explore. For nature lovers, don’t miss the Sofiyivka State Dendrological Park or for something a little bit different, visit the wastelands around Chernobyl.

Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv, Ukraine

For the more active traveler, there are plenty of outdoor activities to do in Ukraine. Try hiking and skiing in the picturesque Carpathian and Crimean Mountains, rock climbing, why not learn to scuba dive in the Syityaz Lake in one of Ukraine’s top natures reserves, and play golf or go cycling from village to village.

Hotels in Ukraine

The cost of eating out, transport and visiting tourist attractions in Ukraine is relatively inexpensive, although you will pay more in the tourist areas of Kyiv and Odessa. A wide variety of accommodation is available in Ukraine but can be expensive. A mid-range Western-style hotel room in Kyiv will cost you the same as a four-star room in a European capital, but budget options exist for those who don’t mind Soviet-style rooms.

Airports in Ukraine

Most visitors to Ukraine fly into Kiev International Airport and there are direct flights here from most major European airports. From the US or Australia, there are connecting flights at London, Paris or Frankfurt.It is also possible to arrive by train from neighboring countries, Hungary, Slovakia or Poland.