United Arab Emirates overview

The United Arab Emirates is arguably the most relaxed and forward thinking country in this region in that it welcomes foreign tourists with open arms. Using its success as a lucrative supplier of oil, the UAE has reinvented itself as a business, shopping and tourist centre.

Dubai is famous for numerous things. It plays host to the world’s most profitable horse race, it has the only six star hotel in the world, it has international golf and tennis competitions and a shopping festival which lasts more than a month. For the best bargains, head the duty-free Bedouin markets and the Deira Covered Souq for the best local silks and handicrafts.

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE and from its original birth as a pearling village, it has grown into one of the Middle East’s most cosmopolitan cities and it is also a major stop-off point for flights between Europe and Asia. If you wish to get away from it all, trek to Hatta which lies at the foot of the Hajar Mountains.

Accommodation in United Arab Emirates

The accommodation in the UAE speaks for itself and needs no introduction. Here you will find some of the finest hotels known to man and the so called ‘seven-star’ Burj al-Arab is one of the most famous landmarks in Dubai but its prices reflect this. If you wish for something which offers similar luxury but at a snip of the cost, try the Emirates Palace in the capital Abu Dhabi.

United Arab Emirates airport

Most visitors to the UAE fly directly into Dubai International Airport which has connections to London, Sydney, Karachi, Johannesburg and Tehran. Most of these flights are offered by world renowned airline Emirates and you can be guaranteed the best service with them. If you are already in the Middle East, you can travel on the roads from either Saudi Arabia or Oman providing you have organised your visa for these places.