Yemen overview

Although many embassies advise against travel to Yemen, despite its troubles it has plenty to offer tourists and there are many remnants of old history to be witnessed and enjoyed across the country as well as wonderful islands based in and around the Red Sea if you prefer to relax.

Yemen is famous for its narrow coastal plains which are backed by flat-topped hills, rough mountains and golden desert terrain. Sana’a is the capital of Yemen and is found in the heart of the iconic Yemeni Mountains. Often the first place visitors head to is Sana’a’s old city, a UNESCO World Heritage site laden with old buildings hosting ancient artefacts which have been around since the times of Moses.

Yemen sea

Yemen sea

Other popular places in Yemen are the Red Sea Islands (over 100small islands scattered all over the Red Sea) and the former capital of South Yemen, Aden, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site and is home to the Military Museum, National Museum, a statue of Queen Victoria and the Central Market.

Hotels in Yemen

You can find five-star luxury hotel rooms at either the Sheraton or Mövenpick, which both offer lavish suites at European prices. In Aden, you can stay at the Sheraton Gold Mohur, Mövenpick Adel Hotel or Holiday Inn, which all have five-star facilities. For something more modest, head to Elephant Bay instead.

Yemen airport

Emirates offers flight directly into Sana’a International Airport from Dubai and the flight takes just over two hours. If you are coming from Europe, Lufthansa fly to Yemen with a stop-over along the way in Cairo. Due to tensions with neighbouring countries, it is advised that you fly here instead of drive.