For those who can overlook the political turmoil that has unfairly harmed its international reputation, Zimbabwe is a wonderful place to enjoy a holiday and possesses some of the world’s most beautiful natural wonders which can be easily reached and enjoyed by travelling from the chaotic yet appealing capital city of Harare.

For those who appreciate the finer things in life and have a love of the outdoors, Zimbabwe’s landscape is inspirational and visitors have endless choice whether it’s the jaw-dropping Victoria Falls, the wonderful Lake Kariba or the imposing banks of the Zambezi River you wish to enjoy for the afternoon.

Harare is Zimbabwe’s capital city and a hectic yet its pleasing mix of skyscrapers, lively street markets and busy, jam-packed highways are enthralling. For those who love the arts and entertainment, Harare is the best place to be and is famed for its vibrant African music scene and exhibitions of classic Shona sculptures.

Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

For the best accommodation, Harare has an impressive selection of reputable international hotels and you can find a decent mid-range hotel room in the city centre. The further you go outside Harare, the cheaper accommodation gets; however, four-star rooms are available at the lake resorts for a modest price.

Visitors can fly into Zimbabwe by landing at Harare International Airport and European flights often come in directly from London. If you are travelling from another African country, it’s possible to arrive in Zimbabwe by train from any of the major cities in South Africa, with buses also serving as an alternative method of transport.